Meet Our Team

About our Acacia Angels

Our Acacia Angels are specially selected to join our team of carers through our rigorous recruitment process.  They are the foundation of our organisation and we provide them with all the necessary training required to ensure that your care is given safely.

An Acacia Angel is naturally passionate about giving to others, genuine, kind and compassionate.  No matter what your care needs are they will ensure that you are comfortable and treat you with dignity and respect.

We know it can be daunting to allow a stranger to come into your home so we will introduce you to our team straight away and the Acacia Angels will put you at ease so you can start to build a bond between you.

To find out more about what are Acacia Angels can do, click here and to hear what our customers have to say about us and the Acacia Angels click here .

Meet the Acacia Angels

Tracey Sheedy Tracey Sheedy

“Hi, I’m Tracey Sheedy and I am now the Operations Manager having initially joined as Care Manager for maternity cover. I started my journey in care 30 years ago when a much loved relative of ours needed care and due to having two young daughters at the time, we knew we needed the help to look after her. I have managed multi sites as a Regional Manager as well as being a Registered Manager. I absolutely love what I do, I have a passion for quality in care and I very much value the feedback from staff and customers to tell us what we do well and what we can do better.”

Kajal Patel Kajal Patel

“Hi I’m Kajal and I am the Care Manager here at Acacia Homecare. I have been in the care sector since I was 17. As well as managing the team in the office, I also visit customers in their own homes as I feel it’s always nice to put a name to the face. My job is to ensure that the care we provide is of the highest standards. Going out meeting customers is the most rewarding part of my role.”

Dee Kaur Dee Kaur

“Hi there, I’m Dee and I have been with Acacia since 2015 having first joined as a care worker. Soon after, I joined the office team as a care coordinator and then moved onto a recruitment role. I am now the Live in Care Lead and my role involves doing the care assessment for new customers, recruiting the right live-in carer to suit their needs and being the point of contact for both our live-in carers and customers. I really enjoy my role as I have experienced various aspects of the business and can provide a much better service for our customers through my first hand knowledge and understanding of the different care requirements that we may come across.”

Gita Mistry-Patel Gita Mistry-Patel

“Hi, I’m Gita and initially I was part of the rota planning and administration team, then not long after, I was offered the role of a Recruitment and Training Lead. I had no care industry experience before I started but I have since learnt a lot and understand that compassion and dignity is so important in this role. My background is in retail and I am also a Bollywood dance teacher. Every day at Acacia Homecare is busy and I am always ready for any challenges and will happily adapt to any situations that arise. I really do enjoy working here at Acacia Homecare.”

Donna Langley Donna Langley

“Hello, I’m Donna, the Customer Care Lead. I have always been very passionate about people being treated fairly and with compassion, I enjoy being able to support people to live independently and promote their rights. I have worked in Health and Social Care all of my working life in a number of different roles as a carer, Care Supervisor, Care manager, Head of residential care, Assessor, lecturer, Head of Department and am also a Manual Handling trainer.”

Nirma Kothari Nirma Kothari

“Hi, I’m Nirma and I work in the Rota Planning and Office Administration team. As well as carrying out these duties, I also enjoy working in recruitment where I meet the new carers and settle them in into their new roles as carers once they’ve completed all their training. My role working with the rota planning team is to ensure that our customers have a carer allocated for the specific times and days that they have requested. I love working with the team, it’s always so unbelievably busy but it is a lot of fun.”

Dianne Corrigan Dianne Corrigan

“Hello, I am Dianne and I am also part of the Rota planning and Administration team. I came into care very late, actually in the last 8yrs, I have experienced working in a domiciliary care setting and also a care home setting. I started my career as a carer and progressed to senior carer and further along became a care supervisor. I am passionate about people receiving the best care and support, while promoting their respect and dignity. Care is such a rewarding job and I couldn’t see myself not working in the care industry.”

Lauren Lipscombe

“Hello all, I am Lauren and I was working with Acacia Homecare part time on the weekends as a care worker. I have now joined the Rota Planning and Administration team, helping with the rota, recruitment and social media based in the office. I am a natural carer, so after seeing my mum (Sarah L) become an Acacia Angel, it felt really natural to join her. Looking after people is definitely my thing! I am excited to be involved in the other aspects of the business and still be a part of the Acacia family.”

Andrew Hammond

“Hi, i’m Andrew. I have 7 years of experience as a carer having previously worked in a residential setting. I am friendly and approachable, love my job and caring for people.”

Belove Biluaya Belove Biluaya

“Hello, I am Belove and I have a passion for care. I love making people feel comfortable and enjoy what I do. I don’t just see this as a job, it is something I genuinely love doing.”

Caroline Walsh

“Hi, I’m Caroline and I have many years of experience in care so it was natural to come and join Acacia Homecare.  I understand the needs of my customers and it makes me happy knowing that I have helped them in their day.”

Claire T

“Hi there, I’m Claire and I am really happy to be an Acacia Angel. I like to care for my customers and feel that everyone deserves great care, especially with dignity and respect. I look forward to meeting my customers.”

Georgina Miller Georgina Miller

“Hello, I am Georgina and I love my role as a support worker. I look forward to seeing my customers and I love that I can make a big difference in their lives just by supporting them with their day to day needs. This is a really rewarding role and I am glad to be an Acacia Angel.”

Helen Walker Helen Walker

“Hello I am Helen and I have been working in care for many years now in both residential and domiciliary care. I truly love visiting my customers and helping them with their needs and making sure that the quality of care I provide is to the highest standard. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Ieva Ihraiz Ieva Ihraiz

“Hi i’m Ieva and I have a very smiley and gentle disposition. I take care of each customer with dignity and respect and really enjoy what I do. This is more than just a job for me, I want to ensure that everyone is given the good care they deserve.”

Ilona Nemes Ilona Nemes

“Hi i’m Ilona and absolutely love what I do. I am very personable and get along with all my customers. I understand the needs of different people and I make sure that each customer is treated as an individual. I see this as a part of my life.”

Julie Williams Julie Williams

“Hello, I am Julie. Having never been in a role like this before I didn’t realise how much looking after people would make me so happy. I enjoy my role so much, especially getting to know my customers over time.”

Khadijat Idowu Khadijat idowu

“Hi there, I am Khadijat and I am very friendly. I work hard and I always make sure that all my customers are happy and they have what they need. I really do love being an Acacia Angel.”

Michelle Medley

“Hi my name is Michelle.  I currently work with Acacia as well as with another care home so I bring  a lot of care experience to my role.  I just want to help those that are not able to do so on their own and getting to know each of my customers.”

Pat Ridley Pat Ridley

“My role as a support worker has made me realise how much I enjoy working with people and truly helping those that rely on care support. I love every minute of this role and I love knowing that not every day is going to be the same.”

Paul Burns Paul Burns

“Hello, I’m Paul and I joined Acacia Homecare with no care experience. After having worked in engineering, I decided to look into care and it is a decision that I have not regretted. Visiting my customers and making sure they are well looked after and their needs are met is what make me happy. I am proud to be an Acacia Angel.“

Ramo Mohamed Rahmo Mohamed

“Hello there, my name is Rahmo. My passion is in care and I want to ensure that all my customers receive the best support from me. I enjoy my role very much and look forward to meeting the customers that I visit.”

Sarah Cane

Hello, I am Sarah and I have been in care for over 9 years now. This is my passion – I love looking after people! My customers brighten my day and I look forward to my visits with them.

Sarah Lipscombe Sarah Lipscombe

“I’m Sarah and I absolutely love my role as an Acacia Angel. I love our customers and the people I work with. I don’t see myself doing anything else other than being a carer and it makes me happy to see all my customers smile when I visit them.”

Susan Sterling

“Hi, I’m Susan, I really enjoy working for Acacia Homecare as an Acacia Angel. I get to meet so many interesting people and it doesn’t feel like a job at all, I feel like I am part of a family here at Acacia Homecare.”

Tanya Keoshgerian Tanya Keoshgerian

“Hi, I’m Tanya, before working with Acacia Homecare, I had never worked in care but had looked after family members. One day, I realized that this is what I want to do, I want to help other people and now I make sure that my customers are always happy.”

Tracie Metcalfe Tracie Metcalfe

“Hello, I am Tracie and I truly love being a carer. I am passionate about helping others whether they are a customer, a colleague or a stranger on the streets. I go out of my way to make sure I can help others where I can.”